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I am trying to print the different category's selected in a single line in xml, like

<cat_name>meeting, food and drinks, sports</cat_name>

The output I am getting:

<cat_name>meeting, food and drinks, sports,</cat_name> 

I want to remove only the last comma.

The code I have written so far is:

    select category_main.cat_name
    from category_main
    join category 
    where category.event_id='$event_id'

$xml ='<cat_name>';

    //$new = substr($val,0,-1);
    $xml .="$res, ";                

$xml .='</cat_name>';
echo $xml;
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Call trim() with the optional second parameter as a ','

trim($cat_name, ',')

However, since you're doing this in a while loop, you should build an array then implode() it rather than building the string in the loop. This avoids the extra comma to begin with.

$arr = array();
  $arr[] = $row['cat_name'];
$cat_name = implode(",", $arr);
// $cat_name is now "meeting, food and drinks, sports"
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exactly.. it worked fine thank u very much for ur help. –  nithin Kumar Dec 6 '11 at 7:23
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You can do this by [i used my variable]

$str = substr($str,0, (strlen($str)-1));
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Or use a rtrim, rtrim( $cat , ',' ) http://php.net/rtrim

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