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Is there is a way MySQL to get the column names given the value of the column?

For example I have STATES table and CITY table which have 'NAME' as column name.

Say I have 'New York' in both STATES table and CITY table. I want a query which will return the column names of SATES and CITY give 'New York'.

My Expected Output could be like

value             column         Table
-----               ------            -----
New York       NAME       STATES
New York       NAME       CITY

Above is just an example. In most of the cases i only know the column values and i dont know the Column names or the corresponding table Names. Generally I need not know on the diffrent random schema's. I am building a question answersing system that will work with multiple databases.

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To avoid getting answers that don't meet your requirements, perhaps you can enlighten us with more info like your expected output, some data, and table structures.. :) – Nonym Dec 5 '11 at 12:43
What I think you're looking for can be done with a CASE statement, but please give an example of your expected output. – Michael Berkowski Dec 5 '11 at 14:55
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When querying, to help prevent ambiguity, always qualify the fields with alias.column such as

select states.name,
       city.name as CityName
         join states
           on city.stateabbrev = states.stateabbrev
      city.name = 'New York'
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you must be specified the column name to select data,

get column name,you can run SQL query:

desc tablename

or using like ResultSetMetaData(in java)

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