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I am writing some code that is intended to operate with a pre-bundled version of Python included with a program. The issue is that it doesn't as yet include the Sqlite3 library which is a requirement of my code. Currently I have a wrapped that calls a system installed version of python2.7 to use the import.

Is there any way I can manually include or package this library to go with the code to make it more portable? My concern is that I require this to operate on Windows systems but it is less likely that they will have python2.7 available. (2.7 is the minimum as this included an update to the library)

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pysqlite is also maintained as an external project, looks like they've got downloads all the way back to Python 2.3

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Yes in python you have setup tools. You can use requirements.txt file and use pip install -r requirements.txt to install dependency.

pip link

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