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I am using DB2 Express C 9.7.4.

I have to create connection with DB2 database using JAVA. Before making connection i have to validate DB2 user/password.

Please suggest any DB2 command or any other alternative

Thanks in advance

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Why do you have to validate user/password before connecting? These are validated on connection. Check any JDBC exception for login failure instead! – DagR Dec 6 '11 at 9:08
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You could do an attach to the instance with the user's credentials. If the user belongs to sysadm, sysctrl, sysmaint or sysmon authorities (group), the user is "validated". Then, with these credentials the database could be created, but the user has to belong to sysadm or sysctrl.

For more information: Create database (See "Usage notes") Attach command

Do not use "db2icrt" because this command is to create an instance, and you should probably already has one.

Same question in DeveloperWorks

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The instance attach seems that should be via DB2 API, thus you have you use JNI. Attach… Create database… – AngocA Dec 6 '11 at 10:50

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