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I have a templates directory with around 10 *.html files. I made changes to most of them. Now i want to revert changes only in the index.html file. How can i do that:

if i have committed my latest changes? if i have not committed my latest changes? (i dont want to git reset --HARD which will undo all the changes)

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git checkout -- index.html

for when you haven't committed yet.

If you have committed you need to git reset [--mixed] the last commit, do the git checkout and git commit again.

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If you haven't committed:

git checkout index.html

If you have committed, use git log to find the commit id you wish to revert, such as 3a765c6cd6316a665cca789d11a7186234c203a8 and type:

git checkout 3a765c6cd6316a665cca789d11a7186234c203a8 -- index.html
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