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In Allan Jardine's DataTables plugin, what's the option by which no. of rows to display in table can be altered?

I know about iDisplayLength for server-side function. I am using it successfully. When the database has sufficient rows, it shows those many rows.

But when, for example, if I set it to 10 (rows), it should display those many rows (even if there are only 3 rows in the database & the rest 7 blank rows should be displayed).

Basically I want to control the height of table, irrespective of how many records are there in the database.

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I found out. Just set this property in table initialisation

    "sScrollY": "100px",

In place of 100px, put the size as required.

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Wel one thing you could consider doing is controlling the minHeight of the class dataTables_wrapper wich is set at 302 px by default

.dataTables_wrapper {
    clear: both;
    min-height: 302px;
    position: relative;

This usually is enough for everyone, but if you override the settings you could set it higher.

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I tried that. But no success. I have uploaded a 162kb screenshot image. I wish to have the RHS table to be of same height of the LHS table, even if RHS table has less no. of rows. Can you pl. see & advise. Click this Link to Image of dataTables. Thanks. –  Vineet Dec 7 '11 at 16:19

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