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I have added some functionality to the gae-sessions library, so that I can have flash data; That means, data that only exists between 2 requests of a certain user. Here is the code I added:

def set_flashdata(key,val=None):'set flashdata '+key+'='+val )
    sess = get_current_session()
    if val:
    for x in key:

def get_flashdata():
    sess = get_current_session()
    flash = {}
    for key in sess:
  'received flashdata '+key+'='+sess[key])'fetched '+str(len(flash))+' flash items')
    return flash

def has_flashdata():
    sess = get_current_session()
    for key in sess:
        if key.startswith('flash_'):
            return True
    return False

but when I run get_flashdata, I get this:

File "/Users/frederikcreemers/Documents/projects/web/myproject/gaesessions/", line 533, in get_flashdata'received flashdata '+key+'='+sess[key])
File "/Users/frederikcreemers/Documents/projects/web/myproject/gaesessions/", line 393, in __getitem__
KeyError: 'flash_msg_type'

so, the program sais that the key mg_type is not in sess, but since I'm iterating over the keys of sess, it must be in there.

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In the line above, you've called pop which removes the item from the dictionary.

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