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i successfully inserted a record with the following code and i saw in the emulator phone book also.. but here the problem is when i put that code in a module and make multiple insertions with that i got a Toast message like inserted hold in the insertion module. but when i make an attempt to see in the emulator phone book it alerting an exception "android.process.acore" has stopped unexceptedly.. here i am sending the code see and make the suggestion .. and also can u say the effective process of exception handling and also can u specify the links which have the free android programming books for learning...


        package demo.mylearner;

            import android.app.Activity;
            import android.content.ContentValues;
            import android.graphics.Canvas;
            import android.graphics.Paint;
            import android.net.Uri;
            import android.os.Bundle;
            import android.provider.Contacts.People;
            import android.view.View;
            import android.widget.Toast;

            public class MyLearnerActivity extends Activity {
               /** Called when the activity is first created.*/ 
                public void insertRecord(String name,boolean starred,String MobNum)
                     ContentValues values=new ContentValues();
                      values.put(People.NAME, name);
                      values.put(People.PRIMARY_PHONE_ID, 233964);

                      values.put(People.STARRED, starred);
                      Uri phoneUri=null;

                      Uri ur=getContentResolver().insert(People.CONTENT_URI, values);
                      phoneUri=Uri.withAppendedPath(ur, People.Phones.CONTENT_DIRECTORY);

                      getContentResolver().insert(phoneUri, values);
                      Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),"Check insertion over"+name, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
                   insertRecord("AnilKumar.Gopaluni", true, "000000000");
                   insertRecord("Sanjeevi.G", false, "0111111111");
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hi...ans please –  Benerjee Dec 6 '11 at 7:01

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