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Has anyone managed to use Postgresql as a datasource for SSAS? The Postgresql .NET connector seems promising, but the SSAS view wizard does not seem to be able to see the tables in the database.

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Try using the ODBC connector. I've had success getting other tools to connect to PG using it. The EnterpriseDB installers not only include a well packaged, working version of PG for windows, they include working, correctly installed drivers.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped supporting ODBC for recent versions of SSAS, so now it must be either OleDB or .NET – small_duck Dec 29 '11 at 16:28

try pg_bulkload for load from via c# & from mssql to pgsql

copy & bcp (ssis) for second direction (pgsql->ssas)


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It is actually possible to hack the Postgresql .NET connector and implement a "MSSQL compatibility mode", where the [ and ] around tables and schema names are removed. Using this, the list of tables does not appear in MS SSAS, but it is possible to replace them by views.

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Could you expand on how you would do this? – Aron Jun 11 '15 at 3:56

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