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I am trying to use NDepend in code review process. The one thing I want to solve is to check if newly created classes are valid from the point of CQL rules.

I have plenty of legacy code and there numerous fields/classes/methods that violates CQL rules. But I want to find only these rules which are violated by a particular class which was newly created by a developer and which I want to review.

Is there a way to find all CQL rules violated by a particular class, so I could fix them?

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Yes, you can compare two analysis and select new classes with the CQL condition "WasAdded".

Select Classes Where WasAdded

Other attributes to compare two versions are

  • WasRemoved
  • CodeWasChanged

Check out CQL Documentation and this article from Patrick.

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Thanks! That what I was really looking for! –  Sergei Dec 6 '11 at 7:39

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