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I get the following when I start my Zsh.

Usage: prompt <options>
    -c              Show currently selected theme and parameters
    -l              List currently available prompt themes
    -p [<themes>]   Preview given themes (defaults to all)
    -h [<theme>]    Display help (for given theme)
    -s <theme>      Set and save theme
    <theme>         Switch to new theme immediately (changes not saved)

It seems to be set by some theme file, since the same text is here.

How can you disable the notification in Zsh?

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This isn't a startup message. It's the error/default help message displayed when the prompt command is used without arguments or erroneous arguments. Find out where you're using it, and fix/delete it.

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Thank you for your answer! The following line caused me the bug: autoload promptinit && promptinit && prompt minimal_vcs. I am not sure what it does. I got from github.com/mattfoster/zshkit/commit/… initially. –  Masi May 8 '09 at 9:16
You're trying to use a prompt, but the definition of that prompt isn't there because you haven't installed/written them. So prompt doesn't know how to use them, hence the error. –  sykora May 8 '09 at 10:31

You'll want to search through the files that zsh loads on startup, here is a list from their documentation

Look for a misconfigured prompt command line and try commenting it out or better fixing it.

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