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Does anyone know if the trigger sequence id scenario is supported by the loquacious configuration with NHibernate 3.2 on Oracle database.

I've try both sequence and native as Generators for my id. But it does not support the scenario where my id is generated by a before trigger on Oracle.

With those 2 generators, NHibernate try to push an ID using a call to "Select Sequence.Next From Dual".

Thanks Phil

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In all honesty the built in configuration stuff for NH is pretty stinky. You'd be much better off looking at Fluent NH IF you can handle only having NH 3.1 (for now is my understanding..) –  Shane Courtrille Dec 5 '11 at 16:09

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You just need to implement IGeneratorDef. Something like:

public class TriggerIdentityGeneratorDef : IGeneratorDef
    public string Class
        get { return "trigger-identity"; }

    public object Params
        get { return null; }

    public Type DefaultReturnType
        get { return typeof (int); }

    public bool SupportedAsCollectionElementId
        get { return true; }
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