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Is it possible to have a date in a field in a db called entry date, and a field called finish date, the entry date will be pre populated but i want the finish date to be 21 days later, is there a method to be able to do this?


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You appear to be using Microsoft Access. The finish date field (column) can be updated in the After Update event of a start date control on a form, or you can create a query that updates the field, or since Access 2010, you can use a data macro. However, if the date is always 21 days in advance of the start date, do you need a field (column) at all? A query will allow you to show the end date easily enough:

SELECT StartDate, StartDate + 21 As EndDate
FROM MyTable
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Sorry should have added its Access 2003 that i am using, looked at the option of running a query which i understand how to do and save the query as a table but i wanted to do it automatically i have looked at 2010 and i can see there is a calculation field in the table design which would do this but in 2003 it doesnt have this, I have tried to add this to the dateb field in table design under default value - DateAdd("d",21,'DateA') but it is giving me a data type mismatch but worked how i expected if i enter DateAdd("d",21,"01/12/2011"). Also need a seperate field as i cant override the data. –  user445714 Dec 6 '11 at 14:58
@user445714 You do not need dateadd, just add 21 days ( =Me.StartDate + 21 ) and use the after update event of start date, not the control source. Do not use default value, your start date will not exist at the time it runs. –  Fionnuala Dec 6 '11 at 15:02

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