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please bear in mind, I am doing this as a hobby

I currently have created a page in VB.Net and brought that page into a FB app and now showing that in one of my pages on there.

Currently it shows everything to all users, but I would like to only show the intro to non-fans and everything else to fans. I did find an app but the items I am showing are dynamic from my own website.

So that's number 1, 2 is, when they are fans, collect data from them, such as name and email address and profile picture.

I found the C# SDK, but way above my head right now.

I tend to work really well with full sample examples, so if you have come across any, it would be appreciated.


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we work better with full questions as opposed to requests to do the work for you. You should read up on the Facebook Api Documentation and revise your question to be more direct. –  Lix Dec 5 '11 at 16:17

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Mark cooney you can browse the github for code examples and api's https://github.com/facebook i do not know any my self that support vb.net.

Some samples here on overlfow VB.Net and Facebook API

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