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I have two entities

child entity:

class Currency(db.Model):    
    country = db.ReferenceProperty(Country)

parent entity:

class Country(db.Model):
    name = db.StringProperty()

I manually assign country to currency with appcfg.py upload_data from Currency.cvs file

When I type at console, currency.country.key, I get this error message:

ReferencePropertyResolveError: ReferenceProperty failed to be resolved: [u'Country', 60L]

how can I get this id of country which is not bound yet?

Additionally, this is how it looks like at datastore panel Currency entity

Entity Kind     Currency
Entity Key      ahBkZXZ-ZmluZHlvdXJyb29tchALEghDdXJyZW5jeRiw_wEM 
country(Key)    ahBkZXZ-ZmluZHlvdXJyb29tcg0LEgdDb3VudHJ5GDwM
                                   Country: id=60
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I presume by "not bound", you mean that the relevant record hasn't been loaded. You can get the key of a ReferenceProperty with Currency.country.get_value_for_datastore(currency_instance).

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