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I have the following code

    <span style="background-image:url('/product_images/attribute_value_images/78.thumbnail.jpg')" class="thumbnail">&nbsp;</span>

I need to change the word thumbnail for preview, it is possible with jquery?

so far I have this:

    $(" span.thumbnail").each(function(){
    $(this).css("background-image").replace(/thumbnail/ig, "preview")

it seems to be working (if I alert() I get the right value) but is not changing in the page.. any ideas where I could look up? thx in advance

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Using .css(propertyName) only gets the css rule value of propertyName.

So in your code, your are getting the css, replacing its content, but not updating back the css rule afterwards.

Use the other overload .css(propertyName, value) after obtaining/modifying the css rule to update the rule:

$(" span.thumbnail").each(function() {

    var $this = $(this),
        // get the css rule and changing it
        css = $this.css("background-image").replace(/thumbnail/ig, "preview");

    // update the css rule
    $this.css('background-image', css );


Documentation on .css().

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:o thank you so much :D – Christian Isai Dec 5 '11 at 16:32

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