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My Table looks something like this:

11 wordA  
16 wordB 
17 wordC 
24 wordA 
25 wordB

I want to add up the numbers if the words on that line match, so I can consolidate the table. The results should look something like this:

35 wordA
41 wordB
17 wordC

Help is greatly appreciated!

(P.S. Is there a way to do this using awk?)

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This is a pretty typical awk sort of problem. An awk script to do this would look something like this:

{ totals[$2] += $1 }

  for (i in totals)
    print totals[i], i

The first stanza creates a totals associate array keyed by column two. The END block then iterates over the array and prints the total.

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Thank you! It works great! – Cos Dec 5 '11 at 17:14

In Bash 4 (which has associative arrays):

declare -A seen
while read -r num word
    [[ $word ]] && (( seen["$word"] += num ))
done < <(printf '%s\n' "${table[@]}")

for word in "${!seen[@]}"
    printf '%d %s\n' "${seen["$word"]}" "$word"

You can replace <(printf '%s\n' "${table[@]}") with <(some_command) or filename depending on your needs.

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pipe it to

awk '{s[$2]+=$1}END{ for(i in s) print s[i], i }'
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