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In our app we use javascript to pump the incoming JSON data into presentable HTML. I've ben using JQuery template for this. I have begun to notice that I've been using more and more html Strings In JS code. for ex:

render = function(data, parent){

   var header, analyticsHtml, analyticsTmpl;
   header= parent.find(".header");
   header.append('<H3>'+ i18n['header']+'</H3>');
   analyticsHtml = '<div><div class="floatLeft" id="analytics"><div class="gt"><span>01</span><br />i18n['Text1']</div></div></div>';
   analyticsTmpl = "....blah...";

   $('#analytics').append($.tmpl(analyticsTmpl, data));


Is it ok to use html strings within JS code?

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Yes, it's OK, but you have to escape the quote characters you use with "\".

analyticsHtml = '<div><div class="floatLeft" id="analytics"><div class="gt"><span>01</span><br />' + i18n['Text1'] + '</div></div></div>';

In your code, you forgot the "+" operators for the "i18n" array reference.

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I'd say it's fine to do that. Something I do is to try to define the templates in a non-local variable at the top of the class/codefile/closure, and if they're long, split them over multiple lines to make it more readable,

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Accessing non-local variables takes more time than instance/global variables. Keeping that in mind why would you want to do it even if the template is long and is being used only in that function. –  ChrisOdney Dec 6 '11 at 6:22
I hadn't heard that one before - do you have a link or benchmark? Would be interesting to know. –  Ben Clayton Dec 6 '11 at 10:45

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