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I am facing an issue on sending http request using wininet api using when the request is sent through a proxy server.

I have an mfc application which sends a requests to a server. for sending request is use


function of wininet. I need a file to be uploaded using this. for that 3-4 requst has to be sent related to each file. When there is a proxy i cant upload more than 3 files at a time. After that the requests is not sent properly. Once it is blocked all the requests sent after that doesn't get proper response(some exception occurs). I have done adding proxy credentials using

   InternetSetOption(hConnect, INTERNET_OPTION_PROXY_USERNAME, (LPVOID)lpUname, nUnameBuffer);
   InternetSetOption(hConnect, INTERNET_OPTION_PROXY_PASSWORD, (LPVOID)lpPswrd, nPswrdBuffer);

when the application is restated then its ok for the next 3 files. also its working fine if the proxy settings are disabled.

Any one know why this occurres? is there any limit for request using wininet functions under a proxy? please help how to solve this issue. hellpp me plzzzzz

thanks in advance.

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The MS Support article "How To Handle Proxy Authorization with WinInet" suggest that you need to respond to HTTP_STATUS_PROXY_AUTH_REQ with adding authentication data and re-sending the request.

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