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I want to get data of all movies present on dbpedia and list of actors associated with each movie. I ran a query:

PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>

PREFIX foaf: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?film_title ?star_name
where {?film_title rdf:type <> .
?film_title  foaf:name ?film_name .
?film_title rdfs:comment ?film_abstract .
?film_title dbpedia-owl:starring ?star .
?star dbpprop:name ?star_name

This is giving me only first actor name. How do I get complete list of actors for each movie?

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why don't you accept any answers to your questions? This behaviour discourages people to help you... – glglgl Dec 21 '11 at 8:57
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DPedia might not hold all the actors for all the movies in it's records. In some cases only a single actor is associated with a movie, in some cases several. Your query seams to be correct although you might be getting duplicates because an actor might have several dbpprop:name properties associated with it. Alternativlly you can use the following query using subqueries:

PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>

PREFIX foaf: <>

SELECT ?film_title ?star WHERE { {SELECT DISTINCT ?film_title
where {?film_title rdf:type <> } limit 10} . 
?film_title dbpedia-owl:starring ?star .
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I modified your query to – Shruts_me Dec 9 '11 at 18:55

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