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I have created a bean to use, which returns a hashmap containing subjects

public class ModListBean {
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/cs_subjects";

public ModListBean() {

    try {

        // Load the database driver

        // Get a Connection to the database
        connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "root", "");

        }catch(Exception e){

            System.out.println("Exception is ;"+e + ": message is " + e.getMessage());


public Map getSubjects() {
    Map subjects = new HashMap<String, Subject>(); 
    String query = "SELECT * FROM cs_subject";

     try {
            Statement stmt = connection.createStatement();
            ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(query);

            while (rs.next()) {

                String dbId = rs.getString("id");
                String dbName = rs.getString("name");
                int dbCredits = rs.getInt("credits");

                Subject x = new Subject (dbId, dbName, dbCredits);
                subjects.put(rs.getString(1), x);

            } //end while

    }catch(SQLException e) {

        System.out.println("Exception is ;"+e + ": message is " + e.getMessage());
        return null;
    return modules;


I am then trying to display the hashmap in a table in a jspx page

<jsp:useBean class="model.ModListBean" id="modBean" scope="page"/>
        <table border="1">
                <th>Subject ID</th><th>Name</th><th>Mark</th>
            <c:forEach var="entry" items="${modBean.subjects}">
                        <td><c:out value="${entry.key}"/></td>
                        <td><c:out value="${entry.value.name}"/></td>
                        <td><c:out value="${entry.value.credits}"/></td>                        

When the page loads, i get the table headers however there is no data inside. I dont get an exception either. Can anyone point out where i am going wrong?

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im now getting an error on the line <c:forEach var="entry" items="${modBean.subjects}"> the error is "error reading 'subjects' on type model.ModlistBean" –  Waz Dec 5 '11 at 18:12
There's too many wrong that I don't even know where to start. As first step, please remove all catch blocks and replace them by throws declarations. Please share the exception which you got when reading the subjects property. –  BalusC Dec 5 '11 at 18:31
The error message seems to have disappeared, but i'm still not able to display the data from the database –  Waz Dec 5 '11 at 18:40

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