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Is it possible to display the Ajax DropDownExtender by clicking something else on the page? Button, ImageButton, Anchor, Image, HyperLink, whatever.

---better explanation---

I have a textbox with a dropdownextender. Works fine. What I'd like to do is display that dropdownextender by clicking on another control.

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This is not how the DropdownExtender is intended to work.

However, there is a (somewhat imperfect) workaround. Whatever control you'd like to click on (Button, ImageButton, Anchor, Image, HyperLink, etc.), assign it an "onclick" event that does this:


function displayDropDownExtender() {
    // Get the TextBox control that your extender is currently linked to
    var junk = document.getElementById('<%= TextBox1.ClientID %>');
    // Call the DropDownBehavior.hover() method to display the hover effect
    // Call the DropDownBehavior._showPopup() method to display the DropDown panel
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@Scott I just saw your update (wow, it's been a while) and realized my original answer wouldn't solve your problem. I hope this one helps =) – jadarnel27 Dec 12 '11 at 15:45

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