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Hi I have a basic doubt in hibernate. If we use HQL in hibernate, how is the data fetched from Database ? Is it like hibernate converts the HQL to SQL and executes in Database and returns the results ? If that is the case wont the conversion of HQL to SQL is additional overhead ?

Please clarify me. Thanks.

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Yes, HQL is translated to SQL. There is of course an additional overhead, but which is worth because

  • it takes less time to develop the application, and hardware is cheaper than engineer time
  • the application is more maintainable than with JDBC code all over the place
  • Hibernate is able to optimize the JDBC code by only querying and updating when necessary, updating in batch, etc.
  • the cost of this translation is negligible compared to the cost of actually executing the query and making an inter-process and/or network call to the database.
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