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I'm testing Agile Toolkit and i don't understand what i'm doing bad.

I've a table named 'families' which CRUD works fine.

Another table named 'subfamilies' with a relationship n to 1 with families and CRUD works fine too.

But here is my problem, in table 'articles' i've a relationship 1 to 1 with families and another 1 to 1 with subfamilies and CRUD works, i can add delete and modify but when add button is clicked, if i select a family on the form, subfamilies combobox shows me all subfamilies not only ones that are from that family.

How can i specify that if a family is selected the combobox from the add form only show subfamilies relatives to that family?


file ./lib/Model/Articulos.php:

class Model_Articulos extends Model_Table {
public $entity_code  = 'articulos';

    function init(){



file ./page/articulos.php:

class page_articulos extends Page {
    function init(){




And finally you can get the mysql workbench eer model here

Thank you in advance,


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Technically, when you define a model, there is a no sub-link between family and subfamily, so your CRUD wouldn't know about the dependency.

To do what you need, you must fully understand the following two examples:

Next, create a form for adding a new record for Articulous. You will need to use MVCForm but will have to add some additional code for the sub-family field. When you have it done, you'll need to convert your code into a separate class such as Form_Articulos inherited from MVCForm. Your code should go inside the "setModel" method of your form.

Next, extend CRUD like this:

class MyCrud extends CRUD {
    public $form_class='Form_Articulos';

The new form will be used for editing and addition. One remaining thing you may need is to add model-level validation.

class Model_Articulous ... {

    function beforeUpdate(&$data){

        if($family_id != $this->get('familias_id'))
            throw $this->exception('Subfamily does not belong to selected family');
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Before I convert the form in Form_Articulos class I create a form to add new records in ./page/articulos.php: $form = $this->add('MVCForm'); $form->setModel('Articulos'); But i don't understand how i can get access to dropdown fields to change it's content. – serxoz Dec 7 '11 at 9:17
and have you looked at example? – romaninsh Dec 7 '11 at 11:01
yes, in example setValueList is done before addField, but when i do setModel fields are generated automagically and if i generate fields by myself i don't know how to connect with model. – serxoz Dec 7 '11 at 11:10
LOL, sorry it's not about looking at example, it's about RTFM. Sorry again, i'm going to try some things and post again. Thank you! – serxoz Dec 7 '11 at 21:53
Model simply populates the fields on your form. You can get to the fields using $form->getElement('fieldname'), then do anything with it. You can even ->destroy() it. – romaninsh Dec 8 '11 at 2:55

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