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I have two tables next to each other and problem is that I want both tables to display inline with each other but I want them inline with the table headings inline with each other. It does this in internet explorer and opera but it does not do this for safari, firefox and google chrome as in those browsers it displays the tables inline but inline by bottom of the table and not top of the table.

How can I do this?

Code is here in Jsfiddle

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You can use the vertical-align property to specify this. Change the CSS to this:



That'll force it to the top of the block.

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that worked great, thank you. – BruceyBandit Dec 5 '11 at 18:59

This appears to work in the latest, release versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome if I widen the JSFiddle "Result" view enough so that both tables can fit next to each other. If the view is too narrow, it wraps the second table under the first, which is the correct, default behavior.

If you need to have them "inline" as you say regardless of the size of the view window, when you you can wrap the two tables in a div or another container, and force the size of that container to be large enough to hold the two tables.

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