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I have a stored procedure that I have defined in Oracle. In that procedure I need to return a recordset. To do this, I am using the SYS_REFCURSOR, which works great inside of Oracle (and with cx_Oracle, for that matter). In my application I am using SqlAlchemy scoped sessions, to support multi-threading.

How can I use the scoped session to return the REF CURSOR? The only way I have been able to get this to work is by declaring an out cursor with the cursor that is active in the session and then executing the stored procedure, like below:

sql = """
        example('%s', '%s', '%s', :cur);
""" % (cid, show, type)

conn = sa_tool.session.connection()
in_cur = conn._Connection__connection.cursor()
out_cur = conn._Connection__connection.cursor()
in_cur.execute(sql, cur=out_cur)
results = out_cur.fetchall()

Ideally, I would like to avoid using the connection object in this way, and execute the procedure while letting SqlAlchemy manage the cursors. If that is not possible, is there a reason that the fetch would take so long?



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Well the slowness is certainly my own fault, and a bad query in the stored procedure. The question still remains, is there a better way to call a stored procedure in SqlAlchemy, using an Oracle REF CURSOR? – zmouser Dec 5 '11 at 23:32

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