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I have a site in both french and english. I want the user to be able to switch language on the fly when they click a link in the header. Pretty straigforward.

i have followed the rails 3 guide and i have this:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
before_filter :set_locale
def set_locale
    I18n.locale = params[:locale] || I18n.default_locale


  def default_url_options(options={})
  logger.debug "default_url_options is passed options: #{options.inspect}\n"
  { :locale => I18n.locale }

my routes look like this:

scope "(:locale)", :locale => /en|fr/ do

match 'home' => 'home#index'
match 'home/ajax_twitter' => 'home#ajax_twitter'
match 'equipe' => 'equipe#index'
match 'equipe/sylvain' => 'equipe#sylvain'
match 'equipe/benoit' => 'equipe#benoit'
match 'equipe/stephane' => 'equipe#stephane'
match 'equipe/suemarie' => 'equipe#suemarie'
match 'equipe/regis' => 'equipe#regis'
match 'equipe/fred' => 'equipe#fred'

match 'equipe/callback' => 'equipe#callback'
match 'equipe/auth' => 'equipe#auth'
match 'equipe/ajax_contact' => 'equipe#ajax_contact'

match 'linkedinauth/callback' => 'linkedinAuth#callback'
match 'linkedinauth/init_auth' => 'linkedinAuth#init_auth'

match 'mission' => 'mission#index'
match 'service' => 'service#index'
match 'developmen' => 'developmen#index'

match 'contact' => 'contact#index'

match 'mandats' => 'mandats#index'

match '/:locale' => "home#index"

and in my view i do this:

<% if I18n.locale == I18n.default_locale %>
  <%= link_to "English", '/en'%>

<% else %>
  <%= link_to "Français", '/fr'%>


All works well in the home page, but if i try to switch language while i'm in a specific controller, i get returned to the home page. I tried to add this:

<% if I18n.locale == I18n.default_locale %>
  <%= link_to "English", '/en/' + params[:controller]%>

<% else %>
  <%= link_to "Français", '/fr/' + params[:controller]%>


this fix the controller, but if we are in a specific action and switch again language, i get back to the 'index' of this controller.

My Question: what is the best way to deal with this?

i guess i could implement something in the ApplicationController (filter) to check if a controller / action / id is passed and append it to the locale. Or can i do this in the routes.rb?


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Oh well, finally found a way i like...

<% if I18n.locale == I18n.default_locale %>
  <%= link_to "English", :locale=>'en'%>

<% else %>
  <%= link_to "Français", :locale=>'fr'%>


As simple as this!

Vive Rails!

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If you have scope route like this that covers all the localized routes:

scope "/:locale" do

If you are in a page inside that scoped route e.g. '/en/...' you can create links to change the locale without changing your current site location like this:

<%= link_to "Français", params.merge({:locale => :fr}) %>
<%= link_to "English", params.merge({:locale => :en}) %>
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For some reason using symbols (eg. :en) causes ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches {...}) on subsequent clicks (tested in Rails 3.2.12). Using strings instead solves the issue (:locale => 'en'). –  user569825 Mar 11 '13 at 1:31

Say that you want a selector for all the languages but current one. E.g. You are in en locale and you have fr and es locales

In application_helper.rb

def alternate_locales
  # Remove current locale from list
  aval_locales_but_current = I18n.available_locales - [locale]


Now anywhere in the view:

<% alternate_locales do |l| %>
   <li class="language <%= l %>"><%= link_to(l,locale: l) %></li>
<% end %>

If the user locale is english, an current URL is www.example.com/en/path/ This will generate:

<li class="language fr"><a href="www.example.com/fr/path/">fr</li>
<li class="language es"><a href="www.example.com/es/path/">es</li>

Plus, if you want to have the link[rel="alternate"] links in the header:

<% alternate_locales do |l| %>
  <link rel="alternate" hreflang="<%= l %>" href="<%= url_for(locale: l) %>">
<% end %> 

That will generate:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href="www.example.com/fr/path/">
<link rel="alternate" hreflang="es" href="www.example.com/es/path/">
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