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What are some good resources to get an overview of the capabilities and limitations of the LAMP stack for development, assuming you're using a hosted LAMP service (so that someone else is maintaining the server, etc.)?

(I've already read the WIkipedia article, but I'd like do do some more reading.)

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That s a very large stack, there are lot of things to learn and depends what you know right now. Also depends what you want to do with this stack.

As MySQL is the easiest place to start.

Apache is also easier, you will need to learn how to configure and use it.

Then you have php/perl/python which are just programming langauges. Mostly php is used for a lamp stack. and it s a very easy language to learn.

Linux is rather has a higher learning curve as itself is huge.

Best way to start learning is to actually, setup a linux instance from scratch and start using building web apps with php,mysql on apache. create virtual directories and configure LAMP environment.

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