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I have a Play! application in which the application.conf file has some attributes that are prefixed with %production, these are to define that I wish for different configurations when running in production rather than development. But when I use the cloudbees module from the command line play bees:app:deploy, when it does it's work it says compiling in DEV mode. which means it's ignoring my %production attributes, i've checked and I do have an attribute which uses %production to set that its in prod rather than dev mode.

I've also tried replacing all instances of %production in my conf to use instead %bees, %prod and %cloudbees. But these prefixes are also ignored. Is there a way for me to deploy my cloudbees application in production mode?

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I don't use the cloudbees module but I think you're missing the production option Try adding it

play bees:app:deploy --%production
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Try this tutorial.

(Disclaimer: I haven't tried it. If I could I would rather comment than give a possibly useless answer.)

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Wish I had 15 rep to 1up you, this is a great solution, and actually the python files in the cloudbees module seem to be doing something similar maybe once I read over them and compare to this tutorial I'll find my final solution(Or could edit the python files to a solution)) Though it's probably more likely I'm doing something wrong rather than their code. – Zergleb Dec 5 '11 at 19:51

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