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I'm just putting together in my head how jQuery and widgets and elements fit together. I have a combobox that uses autocomplete. I have set up a JSON remote data source and that is working fabulously. What I am trying to do is force the user to select from the box, a pretty common occurrence I think.

Upon selection of a value in the autocomplete combobox, the input element bound to autocomplete receives the id value of the selection. So I will check for the presence of a value there by binding a function to the "autocompleteclose" event.

The only thing I'm missing is, how to I call the "search" method on that input field again? I can't call the function on an element, like this:


because I get the message:

$("#myinputfield").search() is not a function

I get that, I guess, but how do I do this?

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You can trigger the event handler with the autocompletesearch event:

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You can call methods on a $.Widget like autocomplete like this

$('#myinputfield').autocomplete( 'search', 'myvalue' );
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