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I'm trying to write a service using WCF Web Api (preview 6), which passes in parameters through the route AND through the POST body. (Variable and method names changed to protect the innocent)

For example..

[WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "{routeVariableOne}/{routeVariableTwo}/StaticRoute/{postVariableOne}", Method = "POST")] public ReturnClass AddToCollection(string postVariableOne, string routeVariableOne, string routeVariableTwo) { //Do things }

So, I want to POST postVariableOne data to the url /Resource/routeVariableTwo/routeVariableTwo

When I try posting this

{ "postVariableOne": "New Value" }

Accept:application/json Content-Type:application/json Content-Length:31


I get Response 500/Internal Server Error. The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details. If I leave out the json post value, it at least hits my breakpoint.

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Make the parameter that corresponds to the body of type ObjectContent, then use the ReadAs() [may need to be ReadAsAsync now] method on that parameter.

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