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Assuming I have the following string:

Frozen Synapse – A Business Mini-Postmortem!

Is there a way to white list specific html encoded values or should I just perform:

string.gsub('–', '-')

to produce the desired output in an HTML view:

Frozen Synapse – A Business Mini-Postmortem!

Edit: there may be other html in the string that I don't want to allow. I want to white list certain html encoded characters (like a dash).

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You can use the html_safe method in your view. E.g.

<%="Frozen Synapse &#8211; A Business Mini-Postmortem!".html_safe%>
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Wouldn't this allow arbitrary html to be rendered? Perhaps I wasn't clear in my question - I don't necessarily know what might be in the string but I would like specific html encoded characters through. –  Josh Rickard Dec 11 '11 at 14:36

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