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I need help in Agile Toolkit CRUD Grid/Form.

I made a CRUD Grid/Form in Agile Toolkit for Employee, Position and Department. It was very easy. But i am now having difficulty trying to set the Position and Department columns. Instead of showing 'id' value, i'd like to show the referenced text in 'pos_desc' and 'dept_desc' respectively.

Also in CRUD's Add/Edit Form, it only shows 'id' and not the corresponding text. Is there a way to set this using the description text but save the 'id' instead on commit?


Here is the project's directory structure and some code snippets:

    + atk4
    + atk4-addons
    + empmaster
      + admin
        + lib
        + page
      + doc
      + lib
        + Model
      + page
      + templates


    class Admin extends ApiFrontend {
       function init(){


    class Model_Employee extends Model_Table {
       public $entity_code = 'emp';

       function init() {

          $this->addField('eeid')->caption('Emp ID');
          $this->addField('fnm')->caption('First Name');
          $this->addField('mnm')->caption('Middle Name');
          $this->addField('lnm')->caption('Last Name');



          // #1 refModel gives error if declared w/out 'Model_' prefix
          // #2 Position & Department caption not on grid, but only on form


    class Model_Position extends Model_Table {
       public $entity_code = 'pos';

       function init() {



    class Model_Department extends Model_Table {
       public $entity_code = 'dept';

       function init() {



    $crud = $tabs->addTab('Employee Master')->add('CRUD')->setModel('Employee');
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By default it looks for the field named "name" on the model. If you don't have this field, you will need to override toStringSQL function in the Model_Position.

See this answer for more information:

reference field on form

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yes! the link you referred worked like a charm. thank you very much! i knew about the 'name' field which was especially mentioned in the Models introduction on the Agile Toolkit Learning section, i must've overlooked it because it said: by default the field called "name" (if defined) is considered a "display field". you will see the "name" of that related table when you are building a grid with the book model. –  Open Technologist Dec 6 '11 at 0:56
i thought it meant, getting the name of the table. i changed the two Models to this respectively: $this->addField('name')->caption('Position'); $this->addField('name')->caption('Department'); and renamed the field 'pos_desc' and 'dept_desc' to 'name' instead. again, thank you for this wonderful framework! i'll give feedback whenever i can. :) –  Open Technologist Dec 6 '11 at 0:56

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