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I have an .obj parser, code is:

class Model {
    List *coords;
    List *tcoords;
    List *normals;
    List *faces;

    Model() {
        coords=new List();
        tcoords=new List();
        normals=new List();
        faces=new List();

    ~Model() {


this is a model file parser tool, which is parse a big file. The List is a linkedlist. (String array, char*)

How can I return this class to Java from C++? I know how can return a simple String Array with NewObjectArray, but what is the way to return a Class?

Thanks, Leslie

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Typically, you create a peer class on the Java side that holds a pointer to the class in a long variable.

Jim S.

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And you ensure that Java code does not use that pointer after the C++ class instance has been deleted -- for example, by managing the lifetime of the C++ class instance from the Java side (not through finalizers). –  Andy Thomas Dec 5 '11 at 20:30

In C++ code you can instantiate any Java object by calling env->NewObject() method and passing appropriate constructor signature to it. Constructors have special name <init>.

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