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I'm in the process of trying to learn more about regular expressions and I've been wondering about the following:

How to insert a space after a dot character, but only when the dot character is not surrounded by numbers, e.g. it needs to match . but not 22.22!

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This is a nice case of zero-width assertions:

$subject =~ 
    s/(?<=\.         # after a dot,
        (?!          # but not matching
          (?<=\d\.)  # digit followed by dot before, AND
          (?=\d)     # digit afterward
      )/ /x

I think that you will find the comments self explanatory! :)

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echo "22.22"|perl -pe 's{(\D)\.(\D)}{$1. $2}'
echo "2x.x2"|perl -pe 's{(\D)\.(\D)}{$1. $2}'
2x. x2
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