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I'm working on a website: http://www.allaboutwinecellars.com

And on one of the galleries (the Accesory page) there are blue lines between the pictures and I don't know why, the layout is exactly the same as the first page.

Can anyone figure out why those lines are there?

Here is the first page (the correct one): http://allaboutwinecellars.com/gallery.html

Here is the second page (the one with blue lines): http://allaboutwinecellars.com/gallery-2.html

Edit: I tried adding outline:none; to my anchor tag CSS rules and it did not fix the problem.

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The issue is your anchor tags. You need to explicitly set the text-decoration property. The line that you're seeing is the blue underline representing a hyperlink. It looks like you already have properties defined that alter anchor's behavior. Simply add to it:

a { 
    text-decoration: none;
    outline: none;
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a { text-decoration: none; } 

should fix it

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Try this:

a, img{
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add this to your css:

#content p a
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It's actually a blue underline.

Use text-decoration: none;.

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