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I'm getting this error when I try and connect to database in Oracle 9 (running on Windows 2003 server)

I've tried to manually start the Oracle service but it refuses to start....

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try that: On the server, log in as an administrator, then:

connect / as sysdba

any error messages?

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I've tried to manually start the Oracle service but it refuses to start....

So, somewhere there is an error message related to this. Check the Windows event log, both System and Application. Also check the Oracle alert log, which is probably in %ORACLE_HOME%\admin\*sid*; There may also be trace files in that directory.

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Whenever I've got this on *nix, its been due to to the ORACLE_HOME being set not quite right. Can't really help with Windows though.

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look in the sqlnet.ora file and make sure that its set as: SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NONE) and not (NTS)

Go to Control Panel, Services, select the OracleService, right click and select properties, select the Log On tab. Click on the Account radio button and make sure the account being used is a domain qualified dba user and the password supplied is correct. Hit apply and okay and try to start the service.

If it still fails look in the alert log for that sid and see what the error is. Make sure also that no changes have been made to the spfile use by the database to start the instance. If so move the corrupt spfile out of the way and create a pfile to start the database with.

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