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I'm looking at some UI and Javascript frameworks for mobile, knowing that I'll need to simulate some features normally only found on a native app. Primary browser (device, platform) will be iOS, and these are awfully nice to have if feasible:

  • Fixed nav-bar (nice to have, and jQuery provides data-position="fixed", supposedly more to come for iOS 5); this could be header or footer.

  • Simulate backlit icons with button remembering state (button push-state or background color representing state). This can essentially represent the typical website's 2-level menu.

It looks like there's plenty of cool platforms and demos out there for UI, HTML5 and mobile: jquery-mobile, sencha, iScroll-4, kendoUI, etc.

References, suggestions welcome. thanks in advance.

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Why not just develop a native app? –  dex3703 Dec 5 '11 at 22:12
For pages transitions use lightweight github.com/PixelsCommander/Mobile-Transitions library –  PixelCommander Nov 27 '12 at 13:21

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jQuery Mobile provides a fixed navbar that fades out when scrolling and then fades in again once scrolling is completed. Fixed toolbar

jQuery Mobile also has a footer bar with navigation buttons that remember which page is loaded. Each tab loads a different page and it animates the page loads. Icons can be added to emulate a native tab bar.

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Kendo UI will be launching a mobile platform shortly after the new year which will emulate native look and feel of iOS and Android devices.

You can see the preview here and I would highly recommend signing up for the beta.


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Sencha (our framework) has fixed chrome with multiple independent scrollable areas that works on iOS3+. Fixed headers + fixed footers work just fine.

Backlit icons are in there, implemented using -webkit masks.

Check out the kitchen sink demo on iOS to see for yourself.

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