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I'm working on a rails 3 app that uses paperclip to save audio files to Amazon S3. I'm saving lots of mp3 files that are being transferred from a url, but they are being transferred without an extension. I know these files are mp3 files, but in paperclip they do not have an extension. How can I set the extension to mp3 if there is no extension provided?

    has_attached_file :audio,
    :storage => :s3,
    :s3_credentials => "#{Rails.root}/config/aws.yml",
    :hash_secret => 'secret',
    :hash_data => ':class/:attachment/:id',
    :path           => ':rails_env/:class/:id/:style/:hash.:extension'

def transfer_to_s3
    io = open(URI.parse(recording_url + '.mp3'))        
    self.audio = io
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This is a guess but try this :..


has_attached_file :photo, :url => "/:class/:attachment/:id/:style_:basename.:extension"


has_attached_file :photo, :url => lambda { |attachment| { :url => (attachment.match(/mp3/).nil? ? "/:class/:attachment/:id/:style_:basename.mp3" : "/:class/:attachment/:id/:style_:basename.:extension") }

Just a wild idea. There might be some syntactical damage in there, but maybe it'll push you in the right direction. Sorry :D

You could also do a after_save match and gsub combo.

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The reason your files are not being saved as .mp3 is because you are using open-uri. Change the save code to:

self.audio = URI.parse(recording_url)

This should solve your problem.

The reason this occurs is because open-uri creates a tempfile without an extension and that gets provided to Paperclip.

Original Article

Hope this helps.

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