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I'm looking to extend the date to the next day, If the date is less than todays date.

here's what I have.

$today = $date = date('y/d/m h:i:s a', time());

 $query_moline = "SELECT * FROM penny WHERE `active`='Y' ORDER BY `sdate` ASC LIMIT 13";
$moline = mysql_query($query_moline) or die(mysql_error()); 
$row_moline = mysql_fetch_assoc($moline);
$totalRows_moline = mysql_num_rows($moline);
<table width="98%"><tr><td>Title</td><td><?php echo $today ?></td><td>Fee</td></tr>
<? if($totalRows_moline>0)
{ ?> 
<?php do { ?>


$strsql="UPDATE `penny` SET `sdate`=\"$sdate\" WHERE `id`=\"$id\"";
//echo $strsql."<BR>";
mysql_query($strsql,$connect) or die(mysql_error());


Here's where I'm stuck, if $sdate<$today then I need $sdate to be tomorrows date but with the same time as $sdate

for example if $sdate= 2011/4/12 14:00:00 then I need the new date to be 2011/5/12 14:00:00

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You should try (if I understand what you need)

UPDATE penny SET sdate = DATE_ADD($sdate, INTERVAL 1 DAY)
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If you need to adjust it via php, you can convert the mysql datetime field to an int using strtotime (though Marco's suggestion will be less work, cleaner code and all kinds of goodness)

$row_time = strtotime( $row_moline['sdate'] );

and either add the time in seconds

$row_time += 86400

or use strtotime again

$row_time_tomorrow = strtotime( '+1 day', $row_time )

when saving back to the db, you can use FROM_UNIXTIME to convert in the query, e.g.

"UPDATE `whatever` set `date` = FROM_UNIXTIME( $row_time_tomorrow ) WHERE id = 9001"
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