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I generated a User model using this command:

rails generate model User name:string date_birth:date age:int...

As you can see I made a mistake. I entered a date of birth and an age. Now I also migrated into a mySql database. Is there any way to just delete the age field?

Edit: Is it also possible to add a field?

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Create a new migration with

rails g migration migrationname

and in the migration's up method run the following

remove_column :users, :age

run rake db:migrate and you are good to go.

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im guessing "add_column" is for adding? right? –  Test Test Dec 5 '11 at 21:08
Yep. add_column :tablename, :fieldname, :fieldtype –  huntsfromshadow Dec 5 '11 at 21:09

Run the following in terminal

rails destroy model User

This should reverse the generate so you can start again

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At least two choices:

  1. You can run rake db:rollback, delete the field from the migration and then re-run rake db:migrate
  2. You can create a new migration to delete the field with rails generate migration new_migration.
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You can also edit your migration file and remove the column which you don't need from the migration file, and then rake db:migrate again.

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