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I want to know when a user is logged in and logged out from an ejabberd session in a custom module, without changing the ejabberd code.

I need that because I have to execute some actions when a user logs in and clean up the actions I did when the user logs out. Also, I need to be able to logoff a user given some circumstances.

So, is there a way to extend some module to get those feature? I'm still looking for some documentation that could help me with that.

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Use ejabberd hooks, You need user_available_hook, set_presence_hook and unset_presence_hook – 0xAX Dec 6 '11 at 17:00
What does 'user_available_hook' do? I know that with set_presence and unset_presence I can get events when the user logs in or out (and other ones). What about this user_available? – RobisonSantos Dec 6 '11 at 20:53

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You can write your own code and build it has a plugin with the behaviour gen_mod that ejabberd gives you. A nice place to begin with is this blog/tutorial and follow to next part. This should be enough but you will find more on the same blog.

After you get a little more comfortable with building your own module I suggest you take a look at the hooks set_presence_hook and unset_presence_hook

Just notice that set_presence_hook is activated every time a presence is set, not only on log in, you just have to work that around, if you can.

Long story short you will end up with something like the following



-export([start/2, stop/1, on_set/4, on_unset/4]).

start(Host, _Opts) ->
   ejabberd_hooks:add(set_presence_hook, Host, ?MODULE, on_set, 50),
   ejabberd_hooks:add(unset_presence_hook, Host, ?MODULE, on_unset, 50),

stop(Host) ->
   ejabberd_hooks:delete(set_presence_hook, Host, ?MODULE, on_set, 50),
   ejabberd_hooks:delete(unset_presence_hook, Host, ?MODULE, on_unset, 50),

on_set(User, Server, _Resource, _Packet) ->
<presence code>    

on_unset(User, Server, _Resource, _Packet) ->
<offline code>

Hope this help

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Thanks, this worked for me. – RobisonSantos Dec 6 '11 at 19:24
Any idea why set_presence_hook is being triggered twice? – nhenrique Aug 7 at 13:15
@nuno-freitas Isn't the hook user_available_hook is the right hook? – Talespin_Kit Oct 17 at 15:24

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