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I want to create a settings page from within my app that looks exactly like the one that I would create in the System Settings Application using a Settings.bundle and Root.plist.

Is there an easy way to access the controls like PSMultiValueSpecifier etc. and add them to an actual View?


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See this previous question and associated answers:… – Alastair Stuart May 8 '09 at 12:39
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Yet another options:

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i am changing the correct answer to yours as 13 months later from originally asking the question, I am now using mySettings – adam Jun 5 '10 at 10:36

Here's another solution:

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The topic on whether settings should go in your app or in the preference app is controversial, mainly because there's no way to open the settings from the app (as noted in the answer coob links to) and because there's no way to add interaction to settings -- and there's many reasons you may want to, including validity/consistency/network checks, etc.

So should you want to present a UI that's somewhat like the settings UI in your app, I don't know of any easy or ready made code to do it, but Matt Gallagher's code is a great start to roll your own.

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Craig Hockenberry has a project called GenericTableViews that helps you easily make a table view for settings or forms.

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And another (separate post due to 'newbie spam protection' sorry).

They use the "standard" Settings.bundle approach -- but are fairly easy to present in-app. And you also get the system 'Settings' behaviour for free.

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