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When I try to create a new AVD in Eclipse, I have the image installed but that's not the problem. I get the message

failed to parse properties from /home/kevin/.android/avd/icecream.avd/config.ini

when I look at the machine.

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Can you show the file config.ini? –  JPM Dec 6 '11 at 15:16

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step-1:go to window-> avd manager step-2:select installed avd and click edit step-3:click EditAVD Button in bottom

Then your problem is solved.

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I guess icecream.ini (from /home/kevin/.android/avd/) should be edited: possibly you need to change path attribute - it should reffer to icecream.avd folder location.

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I got this while trying to create a Nexus 5 AVD. Post creation, the folder didn't have a config.ini

I just created another configuration of avd & worked on the first try. Go figure.

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