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I have the following mapping for the birth date in the hbm.xml file

    <property name="birthDate" type="date">
    <column name="birth_date" length="4" />

The name/type of the column in the Postgresql database are: birth_date|date
Once in a while the date is inserted incorrectly – it is about 0.03% cases, the result is a strange date, i.e. a 2456 year What can be a reason? I suspect the column length of 4 in the hbm.xml file maybe not enough – not sure.

The hibernate version is 3.1

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Probably you are passing a String that contains only a 2-digit year and the implicit conversion then gets confused. – a_horse_with_no_name Dec 6 '11 at 8:24

If you are new to hibernate, Keep the declarations as simple as possible. So, if you want to add a Date Object in the mapping use the below code.

In the maaping file,

<property column="CREATED_DATE" name="createdDate" />

In java class,

java.lang.util.Date createdDate
//getters & setters

Once it is stable and working, you can start playing around with more options in the mapping.

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I was incorrect blaming the problem on Hibernate. The problem was in SimpleDateFormat. Someone before me specified a static class object of this class. In the multithreaded environment this resulted in incorrect Date formatting before using by Hibernate

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