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I'm coding a program which simply understands basic keywords such as 'left' or 'right'. It works great, however in order to execute the program, first, i must start Windows Speech Recognition. While my program is running, this 'Windows Speech Recognition' is also processing the commands, and this sometimes shut my program or open a folder. What i want to do is disable 'Windows Speech Recognition' and still be able to start my program properly. My code is based on this tutorial: Code:

Also, is there a way to work my program on a Windows editions(such as Windows XP or non-English Windows 7) which does not support speech recognition?

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You need to use an inproc instead of a shared recognizer if you only want your application to respond. may give you some guidance.

Windows XP Tablet edition included a recognizer. Office 2003 included a recognizer that many XP users have installed. I think later updates to XP included a recognizer, but I don't know for sure. I tried to outline the platforms and recognizers as I knew it in and in

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thanks Micheal for your help –  alicanerdogan Dec 6 '11 at 19:20

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