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Thus far all the views I've created in couchdb have used numeric values in the keys. I've had a bit of a surprise when adding alpha characters to the keys.

My view is returning values as expected:


However, when I query these using a start key of:


and an end key of



I keep getting values for "bar" in the results:


Where am I falling down? I expected "bar" to be ignored, and anything beginning with "foo" to be returned. It all seems so simple on paper!


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CouchDB is returning all keys that sort higher (or equal) to startkey and less than (or equal to) endkey. [2011,12,5,14,42,"bar"] sorts higher than [2011,12,5,14,16,"foo"] because 42 is higher than 16 and sorts lower than [2011,12,5,16,60,"foo\ufff0"] because 42 is lower than 60.

This page describes how keys are sorted:

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As Robert said, your the range of your query is a lot wider than you are expecting. If you only want to search for foo in a range you will have to put it first like ['foo', 2011,12,5,14,16] and query like startkey=[%22foo%22, 2011,12,5,14,16] endkey=[%22foo%22,2011,12,5,16,60]. – Ryan Ramage Dec 6 '11 at 15:15

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