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I created an application using the method described in the CakePHP Documentation but after I try to log in there is an error which says,

DbAcl::allow() - Invalid node [CORE\cake\libs\controller\components\acl.php, line 325]

I did exactly same as mentioned in the website but after loggin in I am given this error message. Please help me rectify this.

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Not enough information to provide an answer, but that error means that something is wrong in your ACL trees, ARO or ACO, or you're sending the wrong parameter to allow().

Try using the acl console to find out whether your ARO/ACO trees are organized properly, as described in the tutorial. If they are not, truncate your ACL tables and start inserting from scratch. But very carefully this time! :-P

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yes. something is definitely wrong because as described in the method there the aros tables should have the structure exactly to that of mentioned in that section. when I created groups using the CRUD generated by cakephp all went properly to the database but the users info is not updated in the aros table. I will again give it a try to see if I am doing something wrong..

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Super old question, but, I came across this problem and couldn't find an answer to my problem (even in this thread).

My problem actually was that I had a method with the same name that the controller, let me explain what I mean with some code:

class Users extends AppController{
  public function users(){

Changing the method name fixed the problem for me.

PS: using cakePHP 1.2

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