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I'm looking for some way to replace patterns in files with values, during build time.

E.g. a configuration file may look the same except that different machines requires different hostnames in some setting. In that case i want to have a template file, where hostname is replaced with @@hostname@@ Then when building, I want to create separate versions of the file with the patter replaced with the correct value for each environment.

In ant you could use "replace", is there something similar in maven2? I know that I can run ant form maven, but if theres a maven plugin doing it, I'd prefer that one.

I found but it's very new...



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The resource plugin is what does filtering in Maven. IIRC it supports the ant syntax as well as the ${foo} maven syntax.

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Why don't you use the Maven-ant plug-in?

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I would like to stick to maven if possible – Tomas May 8 '09 at 11:26
There's nothing wrong with using the maven-antrun-plugin to help out with a maven build. That's fine. In this case, though I think the resources plugin is probably a better match, as Steve said. – Dominic Mitchell Aug 19 '09 at 12:07

Maven's resource filtering might help you out.

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keep up with the maven-replacer-plugin, the project is still alive and well

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