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I made a Login system use case diagram. I don't have much experience with use case modeling so I post my work here in order to get some feedback from the other experienced user.

So I have several questions:

  1. How good is this use case?
  2. Is there any suggestion that will enhance this use case
  3. take a look at he documentation and tell me if you have some suggestion there. For example i wonder i'm I using the The Alternative flow right?

I attached the picture of the use case here on stackoverflow and also you can read the specification at the www.bild-studio.com/login_system.pdf enter image description here


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1) anonymous users would not have a password until they have registered so there is no need for a forget password use case. 2) if this were to be a use case it would be an extend because it is part of the alternate flow.3) registered user should have the ability to login. –  Darren Burgess Dec 8 '11 at 14:31